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Published on 18/12/16

As part of mindfulness in Year 1 we discussed what a growth mindset is and how changing your words can change your attitude to create a positive attitude towards learning. 


Taking time to think about thinking, children were given nine statements and together they collaborated to create positive statements which are outlined below:

Instead of saying...                               I can say....

"I don't understand."                                "I will listen and ask more questions."

"I give up."                                                   "I will keep trying."

"I made a mistake."                                   "It's okay to make mistakes! Try again."

"This is too hard."                                      "I need some help. I will try my best."

"It's good enough."                                    "I can still improve my work."

"I'll never be as smart as her/him."      "I am going to practice so I can improve."

"I can't make this any better."               "I can do better. I will ask a friend for help."                    

"I can't read."                                            "I will sound out the words."

"I'm not good at this."                             "I will ask a friend for help and try again."

After creating the positive statements, children wrote the positive mindset statements out with colourful pens and pencils. They worked very hard and here are some examples of their work.

Year 1 would love it if other classes also shared their positive growth mindset sentences with us!