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Published on 18/12/16

In PSHE this week Year 2C have been exploring emotions. 


They began by finding synonyms for different emotions and extending their vocabulary to better express the way they were feeling. Following this, they shared experiences that made them feel a certain way; considering what in particular caused the emotion and how their body reacted to it. This varied from receiving a supportive hug from an older brother to losing a favourite game. Year 2C were keen to share their emotional experiences.

Some interesting revelations were made throughout the week. It was strange to think that we can feel multiple emotions at once! One child described feeling brave and frustrated at the same time whilst being lost in the dark. Another member of the class quickly pointed out that both positive and negative emotions are normal and everybody feels them. We considered ways of managing our negative emotions and the importance of staying in control. One popular strategy was to always remember you have friends to support you and to be willing to support them in return.

By the end of the week there was a general feeling of an ability to express oneself more accurately in the future and all the different associated and possible emotions!