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Published on 18/12/16

As part of its 130th birthday celebrations, pupils at the Stephen Perse Foundation in Cambridge will be using iPads to film life in the four schools on a single day, Tuesday, 15 November 2011.  From the three-year-olds at play in the Pre-Prep to IB students in lessons at the Sixth Form College, pupils and staff will be filming their day to create a unique video archive.

Inspired by the success of Oscar-winning Director Kevin Macdonald’s acclaimed feature film LIFE IN A DAY, (being shown at 9pm on BBC2 this Thursday, 3 November) the Stephen Perse Foundation is asking pupils and staff to record their personal experiences on a single day in the school.
They’ll be contributing to a time capsule of what school life is really like on Tuesday 15 November 2011. From the footage, Emily Cooper (, professional film maker, part-time Digital Art teacher and former Perse Girl, will create a film that captures the spirit of this historic school for future generations. The in-house production team is looking for honest, personal films that provide a real insight into life in the schools that make up the Foundation.

Commenting on the plans for the project, Tricia Kelleher, Principal of the Stephen Perse Foundation added that “This is a really exciting way to celebrate our 130th anniversary and we are confident that the finished film will reflect the wealth of creativity that happens across the schools, every day. Also, the iPads are the perfect technology choice.  They are already being rolled out so the students are very familiar with what they can do.  Because they are so portable we can get high definition video footage anywhere in the schools.  I am sure that the creativity and imagination of our staff and pupils will result in some really interesting stuff – including no doubt a side of life that most of the staff don’t normally see.”

At the Pre-Prep the younger pupils will have video cameras specially adapted for small hands and their efforts will be complemented by additional footage from a team of visiting sixth formers.  At Perse Girls Junior and Senior schools, groups of volunteers will be briefed by Emily Cooper to ensure they capture the best quality footage before bring issued with iPads. The scale of the project should produce a huge variety of moments, reflecting the spirit and personality of the school, from the schools coming to life early in the morning, the anticipation of registration, the buzz of lessons, the excitement of break times and lunch time all the way through to those special moments in clubs, in rehearsal or on the sports field.  The footage should be very personal, with pupils showing their life, their friends and their experience of school.