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Published on 24/03/17

In 2016, we ran a survey across the Foundation which identified ways in which we could improve parent and carer communication.

Since this survey, the Marketing and Communications team have been busy developing a new website, which includes a brand new Parent Area. This new area brings all parent information into one easy-to-use section of the website.

As well as practical information on things like uniform, travel or weekly menus, you'll also find news and blogs from across the Foundation, as well as access to calendars, SchoolPost and WisePay.

Here's a quick round up of some of the updates:

You said... We did...
"It's difficult to find what you need. I use practical info mainly." We have collated all information (including old 'practical info' into one central area for parents:
"Information can be out of date or hard to find. E.g. uniform, travel, clubs and activities."

Much of this information can now be found in a digital Parent's Handbook for each school.

As this information is now online, we can regularly review and update it.

"It would be better if there were a parents' login section where one could access reliable info about upcoming events."

The new area includes a key events calendar - for activities such as forthcoming performances, exhibitions and talks.

NB: Dame B's events coming soon!

"The only information I have found it useful for is term dates."

A calendar (filterable by school type) is now available, showing a broader range of key activities, including term dates.

At a glance term dates are still there too!

"It is too wordy - needs to be more to the point, less promoting its attributes and more practical." By creating a new area for parents and carers we can focus on promotional activities in other areas of the site, where it may be more appropriate.

Other information you may find useful:

Coming soon...

We have additional website updates in the pipeline that will further improve the content for parents and carers. These include:

  • A more dynamic area for sports fixtures and results
  • An option to sync school calendar dates to your own calendar

We are always keen to hear feedback and new ideas from parents and carers, so please do drop us a line at with any thoughts you have on this topic.