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December 2016

  • A level results 2015

    Published 18/12/16

    A Level 2015

    This is a stellar set of results for our students and an enormous credit to all involved!

    Tricia Kelleher, Principal said, "It is the variety of destinations that really stands out for me. As well as the lawyers and medics, historians and anthropologists, we have a growing number opting for acclaimed Liberal Arts courses in the UK or abroad including at Princeton, USA. To have students with such contrasting futures ahead of them, be it Computer Science at Cambridge or History of Art at the Courtauld or even at the world-renowned Translation and Interpretation degree at the University of Geneva, it is ever more important that the individual students’ stories are not lost in any set of results."

    • 28% of all grades were A*
    • 70% of all grades were A* or A
    • 98% of grades were A* to C
    • 100% of grades were A* to E

    Click to download a breakdown of the 2015 A Level results by subject.

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  • Buddy time: Where the eldest support the youngest

    Published 18/12/16

    At The Stephen Perse Foundation Pre-Prep, Year 2 pupils lead activities for Kindergarten children. This is not something occasional, but part of a weekly activity. Each child has a buddy and they enjoy different activities together: reading stories in the library; designing art crafts; tasting new foods; drawing scientific diagrams of butterflies; teaching each other how to key Pre-prep Apps such as PicCollage. The Year 2 pupils develop a sense of responsibility, empathy and act as role models for the school and Kindergarten, who in turn have the opportunity to be cared for and an opportunity for one to one engagement with the eldest children at Pre-Prep.

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  • Creating Spanish books with iPads

    Published 18/12/16

    The Pre-prep have been interacting with the 'Un Libro' by Hervé Tullet with with Señorita Pérez. This translates to 'Press Here' in English. It is a fantastic text to immerse the children in a new language while interacting with the magic book. Children follow the instructions on each page and something 'magical' happens afterwards.

    Once pupils were familiar with the book, Year Twos created their own versions in Spanish, taking advantage of having iPads at school. Children created their own Spanish books with the Explain Everything App. Apart from developing Spanish language skills, children were collaborating with one another, using their memory from the original book, being creative and practicing their pronunciation at the same time as recording their voices.

    ¡Muy bien Year 2!

    Click on the clip below to see their work in action.

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  • GCSE results are out!

    Published 18/12/16

    The results reflect extraordinarily high achievement in 26 different subjects but we also salute their successes regionally, nationally and even internationally in sport, music and drama.

    Tricia Kelleher said, "More than ever, our students are exceptionally well-rounded and are genuinely prepared for their 6th form studies and the world ahead."

    Headline figures are:

    • 64% of grades were A*
    • 88% of grades were A* or A
    • 29% of students achieved 10 more A* grades
    • 50% of students achieved 8 or more A* grades
    • 100% of students have achieved 5 A*-C including English and Mathematics

    For more information about our results please follow the link.

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  • IB Results 2015

    Published 18/12/16

    Students in the 6th form college are celebrating another excellent set of results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma, announced on 6 July 2015. The average score for students gaining their diploma is 39.6 points, out of a total of 45, which will place the Stephen Perse Foundation in the top group of IB schools in the UK for the sixth consecutive year.

    This is equivalent to almost 4 A Levels at A*A*A*A* plus an additional A in AS level. A score of around 40 points places students within the top 5% globally.

    The Stephen Perse Foundation has been teaching the IB since 2008 and has twice been awarded the Sunday Times IB School of the Year. Stuart Jack, Head of 6th Form, said “this is another set of superb and well-deserved results – students and staff will be delighted. One of the advantages of the IB system is receiving the results so early in the summer – it's a great way to start the holiday period."

    Students can now look forward to the university courses they have worked so hard to access. A few of these courses are: Geography, History, Psychology and Behavioural Studies at Cambridge, Electrical Engineering at Imperial, Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford, Arts and Sciences at UCL, Dentistry at KCL and Liverpool and Liberal Arts at Utrecht.

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  • Year 1 & Year 2 Nativity

    Published 18/12/16

    An Alien Christmas

    The Key Stage 1 children performed their version of the Nativity, which included aliens in a stable, in the Junior School hall on Thursday to their parents; after a sneak preview for the Junior School pupils on Wednesday!

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  • Independent School of the Year 2014!

    Published 18/12/16

    The Stephen Perse Foundation won the coveted title of Independent School of the Year 2014 and the Outstanding Strategic Initiative award at the Independent School Awards on Thursday 13 November .

    Reinventing the school and creating a community of learners fit for the 21st century, the Stephen Perse Foundation now has grown by 75% in the last 7 years to become a community 1,050 learners aged 3-19 across six sites in Cambridge, Madingley and Saffron Walden. Academic results are up, and the school has a holistic approach to education based around its own curriculum model. The school was Sunday Times IB School of the Year in 2010 and 2013 and received the very highest accolade in its inspection report last year.

    Judges’ commented (this is a) “Very impressive turnaround through clear-thinking strategies” and “Deserving of the Independent School of the Year 2014 accolade for its overall vision and momentum”.

    The presentation was witnessed by over 300 people gathered to celebrate the sector’s achievements at the awards ceremony held at the Nottingham Belfry, on Thursday 13 November 2014.

    Tricia Kelleher, Principal of the Stephen Perse Foundation said, “The award is for the work of the entire school community – students, parents and staff. It’s all about the team but to receive two awards is truly an amazing achievement.”

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  • Pre-prep on Tumblr

    Published 18/12/16

    We are now posting 'blog' content directly to Tumblr.

    Teachers are generating content on the iPads in class, processing using PicCollage app and sending straight to Tumblr. It gives you an amazing insight to the schools and the daily life of the children and teachers.

    The fun will soon begin with the children themselves as they start to use the iPads and iPad minis to make their own collages: learning in a digital world. So important and so powerful! 

    Follow the link in the image for the Tumblr site.


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  • Photography competition prize giving evening

    Published 18/12/16

    There will be an informal prize giving ceremony by Dr Sutherland, chair of governors, and viewing of the Photography Exhibition in the senior school dining room on Monday 15 September from 17:30 - 18:30, with prizes awarded at 17:45.

    2 Abigail Holdstock 'The recipe for learning is 'fun'' Year 2.JPG

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  • Plan Do Review in Years 1 & 2

    Published 18/12/16

    As our pupils progress through the Stephen Perse Foundation, and there is an increasing pressure on the level of learning that needs to be achieved, it is important to still allow the children to make their own decisions and choices about the resources they need to help them learn.

    In our Year 1 and 2 classes the children try out their ideas in the Plan-do-review lessons.

    They take the time to think about the what they want to learn and how they are going to learn it, discovering that sometimes even the resources they have access to in school are not enough to help them achieve such ambitious ideas and that they need to think about finding help from a wider context.

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  • Reception class discuss the weather

    Published 18/12/16

    During a child-led learning session in our Reception class the children were excited by the high winds and hail stone storm and decided that this made a good setting for a superhero story.

    The scene was set as they imagined a storm blowing the roof right off their school and a superhero arriving to rescue the school by using their super-powers to stop the storm!

    Several children decided to make this into a book: gathering paper, folding it in half and stapling the pages together.

    One child drew a picture of the imagined scene, making big swirls on the paper to represent the storm while another reached for the iPad, found a picture of the school, inserted their superhero and began to type the story!

    In this session each child had taken an individual approach to achieving their outcome. They were confident in their own method of telling the story and excited about sharing and building on the original idea together.

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  • One To One Reading EVERY DAY!

    Published 18/12/16

    Reading skills are the cornerstone of our everyday life at Pre-prep. Pupils have the great opportunity to read aloud with an adult once a day.

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  • Design & Technology Projects

    Published 18/12/16

    Mr Bett from our Design department has been running DT projects with the Pre-preps this year.

    This terms project on inventors was about designing their own creature inventions and building little models on wheels.

    The pupils built frames, leaning to follow a drawing, measure and mark out materials, leaning to saw wood and make a working chassis for their projects.

    The children came up with some very imaginative ideas, many animals with strange shaped wings, legs and very scary heads!

    This project was part of our 6th Form Enrichment programme and we have been very grateful for the enthusiasm and support from a number of students from our college.

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  • Year 1 Collaborative Work

    Published 18/12/16

    During the autumn and spring term Year 1 have been writing to their pen pals in Saffron Walden at Dame Bradbury's.

    We have been getting to know them and asking them lots of questions.

    This term we have linked our letters to our Geography work about places and journeys. We set our work around the story Town Mouse, Country Mouse. We realized that all three Pre-Preps are in a different type of location and invented our own characters called, Town Mouse (Dame Bs), Village Mouse (Madingley) and City Mouse (City Pre-Prep).

    We wrote facts about what it is like to go to school in a village and the city and then asked our pen pals questions for Town Mouse to answer.

    We enjoy sharing our learning with our friends at Dame B's!

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  • Country dancing

    Published 18/12/16

    "We need to practice with a real audience before the big day!" said the Year Two Aeroplane Class. So with full gusto and lots of effort, Year 1 and 2 have been practising country dancing in front of an audience. Last week, the Kindergarten and Reception classes were invited to watch the dances before the display for parents next week.

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  • James and the Giant Peach Collaboration with Dame Bradbury's

    Published 18/12/16

    The Years Twos from across the Foundation met together today at Latham Road to have a James and the Giant Peach mini-beast Day. The children collaborated in mixed groups to create a presentation on the iPad based on a chosen insect from the story.

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