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Published on 18/12/16

The Kindergarten and Reception children enjoyed a trip to Hobbs Sports Shop last week. The shop, located on Sidney Street, is the oldest sports shop in Cambridge and stocks a wide range of sports clothing and equipment.

Mr David Pimblett, one of the shop managers, took the classes on a tour of the shop and the children learnt that tennis balls come in different sizes to suit children and adults of different abilities, rackets for tennis, badminton and squash are different shapes, and cricket bats are made from Ash wood.

After listening to Mr Pimblett the children then went to the lower ground floor to count the different types of trainers and to find out how the trainers work; the children chose their favourite trainer to draw.

The trip was a fantastic opportunity for the children to have a closer look at the equipment needed in some of the Olympic sports and after half-term the children will try some of these sports in their topic lessons.

Thank you to all the staff at Hobbs Sports for welcoming us to your shop and thank you to our parent helpers Mrs Tomlinson, Mr Cassidy, Mrs Valentine and Mrs Jennings.