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Published on 18/12/16

During a child-led learning session in our Reception class the children were excited by the high winds and hail stone storm and decided that this made a good setting for a superhero story.

The scene was set as they imagined a storm blowing the roof right off their school and a superhero arriving to rescue the school by using their super-powers to stop the storm!

Several children decided to make this into a book: gathering paper, folding it in half and stapling the pages together.

One child drew a picture of the imagined scene, making big swirls on the paper to represent the storm while another reached for the iPad, found a picture of the school, inserted their superhero and began to type the story!

In this session each child had taken an individual approach to achieving their outcome. They were confident in their own method of telling the story and excited about sharing and building on the original idea together.

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