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Published on 18/12/16

Our STEAM topic continues to inspire our pupils. A recent visit from Robin Dryer from Dryer Chadwick and Clarke Studio introduced us to the role and work of an architect. 


Spurred on by designing, this half term Year One and Two will be designing and making their own crane out of wood having talked about structures. Following Robin's advice all designs will be completed on tracing paper! The history of our school and how it has changed over time is key to helping the children understand why a building changes over time. An ex pupil will visited us to explain how the building and teaching has changed over time. Pupils will explore the school's history and then look at the school's future and how STEAM is supporting our school development. We will find out how subjects in schools have changed and are pleased that now STEAM subjects are at the forefront of all pupils' learning not just boys! Another architect, but this time of the past, Christopher Wren will also enable children to see how jobs in STEAM have developed over time.

In Early Years the STEAM focus will be on Science and movement. Kindergarten will become Pre-prep mechanics of the future. They will be finding out about how cars move and the sounds that they make. The children will also be looking at the gadgets in a car and be thinking about how they help us. They will also be creating gadgets of their own to help them when moving around. All of this research will lead them to building life size cars! Reception will be exploring the space between Madingley and the City to be sound technicians, create giant maps as cartographers and architects. They will be discovering the science of sound, the engineering of roads and be focusing on the design and build process by making models for buildings found between our school sites.

Another busy half term for Pre-prep focusing on STEAM, we look forward to seeing the Senior School site develop and some big holes appearing. We have our hard hats and spades from the sand pit ready!