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Published on 18/12/16

Year 2 from all three sites joined forces today for a collaborative event in the City to continue the celebration of World Book Day 2016. 


Laura Robson Brown came with her publisher, to tell us about how to become an author and read us the adventures of Fitz and Will, The Cambridge Cats. The children had the opportunity to suggest ideas of naughty antics that Fitz and Will may get up to in Laura's next book. Amongst some excellent suggestions we had: stealing a bike, damaging priceless artefacts in the Fitzwilliam museum and of course visiting Dame B's, the City site or Madingley!

The pupils also had two surprise visitors, Fitz and Will came with Laura! After a short dance competition the children were able to ask questions and find out a bit more, with Laura translating. Year 2 found out lots about how to publish a story and how to get your story known. We decided that a giant version of your characters helped a lot! The children also understood how collaboration between the author, publisher and illustrator was important so that the book was a success.

Having had lunch and an active playtime, the children were able to take part in activities related to Fitz and Will. They used the iPads to make their own book cover for a new Fitz and Will adventure so look out for: The Lego Movie Adventure, The WW2 Adventure, The Dame Bradbury's Adventure and The Star Wars Adventure in a shop near you soon! All the children decorated and took home a cat bookmark and had a chance to act out their own story ideas.

A busy day! Our thanks to Laura Robson Brown for coming to visit the children and bringing her friends, Fitz and Will. Year 2 have certainly been inspired to use the local community to write their own stories. We enjoyed having all the Year 2's from The Stephen Perse Foundation altogether and look forward to our summer event at Latham Road.