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Year 1 and 2 sail the high seas with Viking boat project

Published on 18/12/16

The Year 1 and 2 children at the City Pre Prep have been involved in a boat building project with Mr Bett, Head of Design at the Senior School.


In one afternoon the children worked together using their DT skills to build a Viking Long Ship as part of their island topic; they discovered that boats were an essential mode of transport for Vikings. Inspired by Mr Bett's cardboard model, the children independently created their own shield and oar with blade. Using their sawing, sanding, joining and colouring skills they produced the individual parts and using an electric drill (with a guiding hand from Mr Bett!) they made holes in the hull for the oars and shields. They used tiny nuts and bolts to attach the sheilds to the hull.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their learning and were all very excited to produce such an incredible final product. We now eagerly await the return of Mr Bett and the boat for the launch! Next term we look forward to welcoming Mr Bett back to the Pre Prep as all the Key Stage 1 children will be embarking on a project to design and make vehicles.