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Published on 18/12/16

This week the current Reception class in Madingley had the opportunity to do their first Plan-Do-Review project in Year 1. 


As a class we decided to make a collaborative art display for our biggest board in the new classroom. Animal Kingdom being our next term topic, children listened to the story ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and decided which animal they would like to make. Each one of them wrote their own plan; writing the name of the animal and justifying their decision at the same time that they wrote a list for all the resources that they would need in order to make the animal. On the following ‘transition day’, our current Reception class followed their plan to make their own animal. Children helped themselves to the paint, paper plates, feathers, scissors, tissue paper, glitter, kitchen rolls, felt-tip pens, egg boxes, crayons, brushes... Children organised themselves to create their own animals while they were collaborating and helping each other. It was such a lovely atmosphere full of creativity!

The next day, we did the review. We looked at our animals and thought about what we did well and what we could improve for next time.

We are looking forward to putting all the animals up on the display board ready for September!

Happy summer!